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Cheaper face wipes, Fruity Face Masks and what my boyfriend has to put up with!

   Firstly, I would like to share with you, two products which have been working well for me over the past few months. I like them because a) they are effective and b) they are super cheap! The first is ASDA Clear Skin Face Wipes and these are a fantastic dupe for Witch Face Wipes. The ASDA ones contain the same ingredients (Witchhazel & Tea Tree) but they are only 80p! What a bargain. Considering the Witch face wipes retail at about £4.00 and ASDA often do a deal of buy three for £2.00, you can’t really go wrong. They are good at removing eye makeup etc and they have really kept my skin clear. The next product is Simple eye balm which retails at about £1.29 in supermarkets (I got mine in ASDA so it may be cheaper than other retailers). This eye balm is great for sensitive eyes and feels really light on the skin. It doesn’t irritate as it is unperfumed. I used to use Garnier eye cream but I think this one works just as well. dramanice dramanice dramanice dramanice dramani